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WiZAVIU Smart Dashcam Solution

WiZAVIU D10 is an AI-enabled dashboard camera. It provides 4G LTE connectivity and integrates with WiZAVIU Cloud, enabling real-time video and voice communication, location service, as well as recording and transmiting vehicle data. The solution is designed to maximize cold chain fleet management, enhance safety and more.

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Excellent video resolution even in low light conditions

With Starvis and WDR technology, WiZAVIU D10 works impeccably even under high-contrast lighting conditions, capturing and transmitting clear and sharp videos without significant differences in brightness.

Extended sensor data hub and power backup system

WiZAVIU D10 combined with WiZAVIU PB10 allows telematic sensor data collection from the edge to the cloud. It can also be a main power supply to enable the parking mode function.

WiZAVIU Smart Dashcam Solution for Cold Chain Transportation

With Integrated GPS, in-cabin monitoring and sensor data collection technology, WiZAVIU Smart Dashcam Solution can help cold chain logistics providers and distributors monitor and record real-time temperature, humidity, videos, and location. WiZAVIU Smart Dashcam Solution also enables fleet operators and insurers to create win-win relationships that make roads safer for everyone.

  • Real-time Information to Backend | Optimal solution for fleet management

    GPS positioning, Event video, and emergency calls are all able to be monitored and managed at the control center in real time to keep the fleet secured and trackable.

  • Support Parking Mode | Monitoring suspicious activities around vehicle

    Once any suspicious motion triggers an event while a vehicle is parked, DVR will be enabled to record and upload the critical footage to the cloud.

  • Internal Power Box | Secure the critical when the car is parked

    The embedded supercapacitor ensures a crucial battery life to footage and data to cloud when power supply cut off accidently.

  • Urgent Event Report | Real-time E-call for in-time assistance

    E-call feature makes it possible for safety managers to have the real-time call triggered by the accident or driver. from the control center.

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) | Quick response to contrasting light conditions

    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) processes images to ensure clear recordings in bright and dark light. This feature allows the Dash Cam to combine multiple images at different levels of brightness to create one superior image, record more detail in contrasting light areas and enhance the ability to distinguish important features and shapes.

  • Big Pixel and Ultra Low-light Performance | Driving peace of mind all night long

    The Sony STARVIS sensor ensures an outstanding low-light performance with big pixel size and high-quality footage in any visible-light and near infrared light regions.

Instant audio-visual feedback, GPS positioning, and big data transmission

WiZAVIU D10 is a three-channel, AI-driven dashboard camera with integrated 4G LTE connectivity, GPS, OBDII support and is WiZAVIU Cloud-enabled. With DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) functions, WiZAVIU Smart Dashcam Solution help prevent accidents, and enhance driver situational awareness. WiZAVIU PB10 is an accessory that serves as backup power and sensor gateway that collects important telematics from OBDII and sensors such as temperature, humidity, etc. WiZAVIU Cloud provides cloud APIs for easy and fast integration, so Telematics Service Providers and SIs can focus on value-added services and applications for the customers.

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