Travis adds artificial intelligent analytics capability into legacy surveillance architecture

Traditional surveillance system is more like passive monitoring mechanism which requires operator watching live and multiple footage from video feeds. They’re there as a deterrence, or to provide evidence if something goes wrong. Law enforcement department always need to go back check CCTV database after illegal activities being reported.

Travis artificial intelligence computer is giving surveillance cameras digital brains to match their eyes, letting them analyze live video with no humans necessary which help customer more easily spot abnormal activities.

The customer using legacy surveillance architecture has faced the challenge of transferring standalone system into network-connected security system and enabling the capability of automatic recognition for early-warning. Currently, all installed camera are not network-connected and not being unable to exchange information with other vehicle or dispatch center. Also, the cost to revamp the entire architecture into AIoT-based will be extremely high beyond expectation.

Smart transportation - AI surveillance

By adoption of Travis AI computer, the legacy system gets network-connected with IP capability right away. Swappable video-in module (BNC connector) exempt pain from capital spending on IP-based camera. The most importantly, Travis has empowered this legacy system with artificial intelligence capabilities to let customer jumps forward directly into IoT-based system. Now, the customer’s security system has transformed from passive into proactive while artificial intelligence keeps facilitating smart surveillance on the road.