AI AOI with artificial intelligence

‚ÄčThe customer is a well-known electronic TSP (Technical Service Provider) in the world which ranked within Fortune 500 as well. In the condition of billion product shipment annually, there is no compromise can be accepted to abnormal defect rate. Hence, there is no exception that customer has adopted highly advanced inspection equipment into manufacturing process to maintain high yield rate. 

AI AOI inspection is widely deployed into modern manufacturing. The machine vision inspection process is to scan the product and acquire its image data, then match these data to qualified parameters in database to judge if it’s qualified product or not.

However, there is an issue with current method in factory automation practice. Due to requirements of high yield rate, factory usually set parameter to highly strict threshold which cause over-sortation since AOI equipment can only respond to pre-set parameters mechanically. Secondary, such light condition and material characteristics can easily interference the results of AOI inspection.

Smart manufacture - AI AOI

After adoption of WiBASE AI platform into AOI mechanism, it can make use of accumulated AOI results (both correct and over-sortation) which being processed by AI training model via computer vision deep learning in cloud server, then it can gradually reduce the probability of over-sortation which significantly reduce customer’s efforts of reviewing over-sortation to have benefits of reducing production cost and speed up production speed.