DMS Services

Design & manufacturing services

For valuable IIoT customers, WiBASE commit to deliver the best product solution with forward-looking technology and uncompromising implementation along the course of embedded computing customization. With our experienced project and engineering team, WiBASE takes good care of every stage and communicate with you intensively along with your product development. Our engineering implementation includes electronics & mechanical engineering, operating system driver development, thermal management, shock and vibration, size and weight constraints, and necessary accessory.


WiBASE, as your trusted design partner, commits to safeguard your business intelligence and application know-how. Through a series of well-thought processes and execution of attention-to-details, WiBASE turns your creatives into reality.


WiBASE, as your trusted manufacturing partner, commits to deliver quality product by leveraging production capacity of well-known Taiwan manufacturers. Upon manufacturing experiences of million laptop computer, enterprise-grade server, complicate electronic products and customizing industrial computer for top tier customers every year, your product will be shipped out of factory with reliability, stability and responsiblity.

Logistics services

To fulfill customer’s demands around the world, we optimize the logistics flow with our integrated services including repair services and supply chain management.

Scope of successful delivery

Artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) adoptions is expected to grow exponentially in next decade. By working with WiBASE, many significant applications of our customers have been deployed into industrial practices.